Observation - Looking - A Lost Art The majority of people just don’t look. This is a bit of a rant.  I know way too many people that will only ‘see’ things through the filter of the media.  Whatever science the media claims to be so, then that is so, no matter what they see in from of them.  I’ve noticed this quite dramatically over the last three years.  A friend’s daughter who I chat
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anti depressants
ADHD and Marijuana Recently on our travels across the country we found a good friend recently prescribed ADHD medication.  For various symptoms such as inability to concentrate, memory issues, etc.  Not the first time I’ve come across this phenomenon.  The medical ‘profession’ and the pharmaceutical industry are, in this day and age, completely focused on symptoms.  Rarely, anymore, does one find a doctor with the inclination or the time to look to find causes.  Easier,
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How To Taper Off Pharmaceutical Drugs or How to Get Back to Normal or Why On Earth Should One Not Do Pharmaceutical Drugs or What Is Killing North America or School Shootings and Big Pharma or What Is The Most Dangerous Age Group For Anti Depressants? A good friend recently conveyed his story coming off anti depressants.  The telling was considerably shorter than the coming off.  Well, sort of.  After being on an anti depressant
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guns and violence
or ‘What is the cause of violence?’ When there is a shooting such as happened the other day in Nashville,Tennessee, all rationality seems to go out the window.  The flames of this are thoroughly fanned by politicians and the media. Hardly a fact spoken, the rhetoric all being that we have to do something and we have to do it now.  And solution by all these firebrands is ‘ban guns’, ‘get rid of guns and
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If you really want to know how various prescribed drugs can affect other nutrients, please check out this website.  Vitamins you take and nutrients in your food can be affected differently by various pharmaceuticals.  If your health has been adversely affected while on some needed drug here you will find some very useful information as to how you can get your body back to battery. Find Deficiencies at MyTavin
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