guns and violence
The War On TerrorWhen there is a terrorist attack, why would you, or anyone, talk about or forward their message?   With domestic terrorism or global terrorism, who are the real casualties? I believe that one of the best ways of combating terrorism is to not talk about it.  Lately, it seems, though, social media and terrorism go hand in hand.  If terrorists had no way of creating fear in the hearts of many, I’m
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marijuana is a drug
Marijuana – The Gateway Drug? Pro pot arguments: 1. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. 2. No one has ever died from marijuana. 3. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana. 4. What about alcohol? It is a legal drug and causes thousands of deaths. 5.There are no studies that prove marijuana is bad for you. 6. It is safe for pregnant women. 7. Marijuana is just a herb. 8. Marijuana: it is just a
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anti depressants
Depression and SSRIs There are millions of dollars spent on ads on TV and thousands of doctors and psychiatrists that will promote and tell you how wonderful Prozac and Ritalin and similar drugs are for you.  Zoloft is also an SSRI.  SSRI definition: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Read the articles below if you want to do proper research to find out how these drugs can affect you.  Are they really effective is solving what they
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