Are Schools Pushing Drugs?

Another Reason for Home Schooling Your Children

I’ve heard this story for years from others.  A niece of ours felt she had to put her son on some ADHD drug. 

A tiny bit of background.  She will feed him Fruit Loops cereal for breakfast. 

Fruit Loops: Additives:

Natural Flavours: When unspecified this is usually something like MSG which can be very damaging.

Red 40:  synthetic food dye, very toxic and linked to hyperactivity in children.  (Banned in several countries)

Blue 1: Synthetic food dye.  Linked to allergies and hyperactivity

Yellow 6: Cancer and hyperactivity

BHT: (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) synthetic preservative linked to cancer and other health problems.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil: high in trans fats  - linked to heart disease.

So, you feed your kid something that causes hyperactivity or so called ‘ADHD’.  And then … you have to give him drugs to counter the chemicals in the food.

Another part of the problem is that no young boy should be asked to sit still in a classroom for hours at a time. 

All that said, though, why would a teacher or school faculty member have anything to say about administering drugs to a child in their care.  But that has been going on for some time, I think.

This young man, if he acted up at school, it would initiate a call from someone at the school to momma.  Saying that he was being difficult or over-emotional or some such.  The cause of this they would blame on the fact that he hadn’t taken his pill or it wasn’t strong enough or he needed a different one or… etc.

The medical industry, which includes psychiatrists, is trained on the basis of ‘symptom - pill’, ‘symptom - pill’.  What pill should be used for what symptom?  This has long since filtered down into public schools in the USA and Canada.  Health nurses in schools then even teachers are weighing in and judging whether a child should be on some anti anxiety or ADHD drug. 

This has been going on for quite some years.

A close relative who is a doctor in a fairly upscale town, told me a story about an doctor/acquaintance.  This goes back about 20-25 years.  This friend of his, a doctor, moved into the town.  Set up practice. He was of a mind that he didn’t want to hand out drugs willy-nillly.  A patient would come in with a cold.  Doctor tells him or her that the cold will be gone in 10 days whether or not they are taking a drug for it.  Patient didn’t want to hear it. “Just gimme the drug!”  Within a year this doctor packed up and left.  The patients just wanted their pills.  They would see the advertising on the Television and tell the doctor what they wanted. 

It’s much worse now.  So many people feel they are educated on the subject of symptoms and drugs from watching the pharmaceutical ads on TV.

So, why would you send your kid to a bunch of drug pushers.  (read: public schools)

Another major issue with putting your kid on an ADHD drugs or something similar is that once they reach adulthood they are going to switch to some other drug.  This is a very real situation, particularly with Ritalin.  Do your own research.  Don’t just listen to doctors or school staff.  Ask questions.

Your child’s brain is developing until they are 25.  Life is tough enough - why make it more difficult.

The beauty of home schooling is that your child can learn in a couple of hours a day, much more than he or she does sitting in a classroom for 6-8 hours. There are dozens of homeschooling resources online and elsewhere.  It has become much more ‘mainstream’ than it was 30-40 years ago. 

The Classical Learner ( is a great one.  There are many more though.  The whole homeschooling thing has been growing like mad the last few years. 

There are those wanting to make the education of their kids way too complicated.  Kids want to learn.  Biggest thing I found is to just put interesting stuff in front of them and stand back. 

If you are nervous about the subject and want read a couple of books, I would suggest pretty much anything by John Taylor Gatto or John Holt.  Gatto was a teacher in some of the rougher parts of New York City for 30 years.  Got awards and everything. 

If you got this far and have read this article, then you are at least curious about alternatives to public schooling.  Please take a minute and look through some of my other articles. 

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