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This is an amazing Ted Talks by Julia Rucklidge, a clinical psychologist.  She talks about the  various success rates of nutrition, micro supplements and pharmaceutical drugs in treating such things as depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD.  Loaded with studies from around the world.


Health Canada is not a ‘nice’ organization.  I’m convinced their purpose is not to help people.  Which is kind of sad.  I’m sure that staff and executives have themselves convinced that the general population of Canada is “too stupid to understand” but I’m sure that the average Canadian has a much higher intelligence and ethical standard than any executive or employee of Health Canada.  When someone withholds vital information, which is explained more in the article below, then, as anyone knows they have acts that they are not proud of and more than likely they could be seriously censured for.  There are numerous documented deaths resulting from ADHD drugs that are prescribed to children and Health Canada will not release information to parents, or anyone for that matter, about potential side effects of any of these drugs.  As usual, one of the major criminal organizations involved in the manufacture and peddling of these dangerous drugs, Eli Lilly, would not comment.  Doctors often prescribe drugs for ADHD without knowing their side effects.  If you are researching this and your doctor has prescribed drug for your child such as Concerta, Strattera and Biphentin ask, insist that he supply a list of possible side-effects before allowing them to be administered.  Ask this of anyone that insists that your child be administered these drugs.
Read the article here: Ottawa keeps ADHD reports secret


I’m not one for labels but in spite of that this is a very good take on the subject of ADD/ADHD:

Managing the gift of ADD/ADHD with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Rev. Marilyn Redmond was a teacher in Washington State some years ago and has some interesting things to say on the label ‘ADHD’ and how they solved this type of behavior without drugs:

ADHD, Misinformation to Drug Children


I have always thought that the characteristics that defined Attention Deficit Disorder was pretty much the same definition that one would make for an active, healthy, young boy.  This is the most recent attention deficit hyperactivity disorderincarnation of the description of ADHD that give psychiatrists and doctors an excuse to drug out children.  More often than not it is the parent’s or teacher’s intolerance and impatience than anything that the child is doing wrong.

One should always get a complete physical before taking any mood-altering drug if diagnosed for depression, bipolar disease, ADHD or similar so-called diseases. Insist on a thorough examination. Most doctors in the US and Canada are paid a certain amount of money per visit. They are generally allowed a very short time to do their diagnosis. Because of this, many cannot afford the time to do a proper investigation into your symptoms and will often prescribe a drug such as Prozac or Zoloft or such that handles the symptoms and masks the real cause of the problem.

The other problem that doctors often run into is that patients come in to their offices asking for a drug that they have seen advertised on TV. More often than not the doctor knows very little about the drug and they have been known to hand out a prescription without proper research of their own. Again, given the limited time allowed a doctor by an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization – Group Health), they rarely are able to get enough information to properly diagnose.

In the US and Canada there are licensing boards that are supposed to oversee the quality of care. In Canada, there is not much useful information as to whether a doctor is ethical or not. They tend to protect their own. There is a bit more information on the websites of the licensing boards in the US where each state has its own. Here you can often find out if a doctor has be sued for malpractice or whether he or she has been disciplined and other information.

We suggest that when searching for a doctor, ask your friends or at a local health food store. This will probably be more effective than checking the above sources. Look for one that will take the time to help you find the real problem for you or your family. Getting the proper diagnosis should result in one feeling better, being more energetic and more productive. If one is more productive, well, it snowballs, one will always feel better when they are more productive.

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