WHO Seeks to End Human Rights Violations

WHO Seeks to End Human Rights Violations

"World Health Organization Seeks to End Human Rights Violations"

I’m not normally a fan of the World Health Organization but I give them huge credit in this instance.  I have not read through all the documentation regarding this release but friends who I trust have.  Seems that all bases are covered. 

One of the notes in here is how little of government money goes to actual mental health, the majority, 98% of funds, going to psychiatric hospitals. 

I’ve always felt that the psychiatrist industry is more about sickness and money that can be made from the ‘mentally ill’ than it ever has been about health. 

Big Pharma and psychiatry only make money if people are ill.  Exercise, eating healthy and long walks in the woods never garnered cash for these evil ones. 

This study coming out of The World Health Organization reminds me of a poem I heard years ago:

There is so much good
In the worst of us,
There is so much bad
In the best of us,
It ill behooves any of us,
To speak ill of the rest of us.
- Anonymous

The point for me, here, being that in this big bad organization there are some good people.  And in this case these folks are not just good but heroes in my book!

Here is a link to the news item on The World Health Organization's Website.  If you search online, you can find many, many references to this release.

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WHO Redefines ‘Herd Immunity’

WHO Redefines ‘Herd Immunity’

Herd Immunity

World Health Organization Redefines ‘Herd Immunity’

I recently noticed on Instagram that the hash tag #naturalimmunity no longer existed.  You can tag a post with that but if you try and go to it, nada.  You can’t.  It has been deleted, made gone from the Instagram world.

I then started doing some research into Herd Immunity.

During this further research, I discovered the idea of ‘Herd Immunity’ is still there.  But it has been completely redefined by The World Health Organization.

“The World Health Organization, for reasons unknown, has suddenly changed its definition of a core conception of immunology: herd immunity … Herd immunity speaks directly, and with explanatory power, to the empirical observation that respiratory viruses are either widespread and mostly mild (common cold) or very severe and short-lived (SARS-CoV-1). The reason is that when a virus kills its host … the virus does not spread to others. The more this occurs, the less it spreads … When it happens to enough people … the virus loses its pandemic quality and becomes endemic, which is to say predictable and manageable … This is what one would call Virology/Immunology 101. It’s what you read in every textbook. It’s been taught in 9th grade cell biology for probably 80 years … And the discovery of this fascinating dynamic in cell biology is a major reason why public health became so smart in the 20th century. We kept calm. We managed viruses with medical professionals: doctor/patient relationships … Until one day, this strange institution called the World Health Organization … has suddenly decided to delete everything I just wrote from cell biology basics. It has literally changed the science in a Soviet- like way. It has removed with the delete key any mention of natural immunities from its website. It has taken the additional step of actually mischaracterizing the structure and functioning of vaccines.”

from The American Institute for Economic Research

So they take the idea of natural immunity out of the definition of ‘herd immunity’ and replace it with, well, vaccines. 

This is right out of the propaganda playbook of redefining words.  George Orwell would have been proud.  This is standard practice of modern Socialist tyrants.

Why would the World Health Organization (WHO) do something like this?  Money.  Follow the money.  That part is actually pretty easy.  With the WHO pushing vaccines instead of health, who benefits?  Some of the biggest financial supporters of the World Health Organization:

GlaxoSmithKline: over $7 million in 2017

Bayer AG: Over $1 million in 2017

Hoffman - La Roche: (Swiss Pharmaceutical) $2.6 million

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: $23 million

These people and companies make many times more than this back.  It’s been an excellent investment.  The pharmaceutical companies the Gates Foundation have made billions from vaccines.   

Another short quote from same article above:

“This change at WHO ignores and even wipes out 100 years of medical advances in virology, immunology and epidemiology.  It is thoroughly unscientific - shilling for the vaccine industry in exactly the way the conspiracy theorists say that WHO has been doing since the beginning of this pandemic. 
What’s even stranger is the claim that vaccine protects people from a virus rather than exposing them to it.  What’s amazing about this claim is that a vaccine works precisely by firing up the immune system through exposure … this has been known for centuries.  There is simply no way for medical science completely to replace the human immune system.  It can only game it via what used to be called inoculation.”

So, If definitions and 'facts' can be so easily changed online, perhaps it is time for us to go back to actual books for research! 

Here are the 'before' and 'after' definitions of Herd Immunity from The World Health Organization website:

Before the definition was changed this was the definition of Herd Immunity on their website:

‘Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.’

It should be noted that “immunity developed through previous infection” is the way it’s worked since humans have been alive. Apparently, according to WHO, that’s no longer the case. In October 2020, here’s their updated definition of herd immunity, which is now a “concept used for vaccination”:

This is the NEW definition per The World Health Organization:

“Herd immunity”, also known as “population immunity”, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached. Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it. Vaccines train our immune systems to create proteins that fight disease, known as “antibodies”, just as would happen when we are exposed to a disease but—crucially—vaccines work without making us sick. Vaccinated people are protected from getting the disease in question and passing it on, breaking any chains of transmission. Visit our webpage on COVID-19 and vaccines for more detail. With herd immunity, the vast majority of a population are vaccinated … lowering the … overall amount of virus able to spread in the whole population. As a result, not every single person needs to be vaccinated to be protected, which helps ensure vulnerable groups who cannot get vaccinated are kept safe. This is called herd immunity.… The percentage of people who need to have antibodies in order to achieve herd immunity against a particular disease varies with each disease. For example, herd immunity against measles requires 95% of a population to be vaccinated. The remaining 5% will be protected by the fact that measles will not spread among those who are vaccinated. For polio, the threshold is about 80%. Achieving herd immunity with safe and effective vaccines makes diseases rarer and saves lives."

From the book: Truth About Covid by Dr Joseph Mercola

Completely different definitions. 

No more natural immunity in the newer definition!  Oops.

Add to the fact that Vaccine companies (read pharmaceutical companies) have been, for years, exempt from liabilities. They cannot be sued for any damages caused by vaccines. In the USA any lawsuits related to vaccines are defended by the Department of Justice and in the rare instance there is a payout, the money comes from taxpayers, not Big Pharma. 

Millions upon millions of dollars have gone into lobbying for laws and creating propaganda to make vaccines the solution instead of natural immunity.

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CBD Converts to THC

CBD Converts to THC

Is CBD safe?

It is possible for CBD to convert to THC under the right conditions.
This peer-reviewed scientific article expands on three key points:

1. CBD has been shown to convert to THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana with the use of electronic cigarettes.
2. Delta-8 THC is also one of the main components with the use of CBD in electronic cigarettes, which is psychoactive like delta-9 THC and is completely unregulated by the FDA and is easily accessible to youth without any safeguards in place.
3. CBD, is a main component found in hemp, was allowed by the US government to no longer be scheduled controlled substance – yet CBD converts easily to a controlled psychoactive substance (THC).

Read the full article:

"Our results point out that CBD in e-cigarettes can be considered as a precursor of THC, thus it bears all the dangers related to this psychoactive compound. Our findings are fundamental contributions to the safety profile of CBD-based e-cigarettes."
From Article "CBD, a precursor of THC in e‑cigarettes"

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René Firestone

René Firestone

The Last Days

“People wonder, how is it we didn’t do something, we didn’t run away, we didn’t hide. Well, things didn’t happen at once, things happened very slowly.  So, each time a new law came out or a restriction, we said, ‘Well, just another thing, it’ll blow over.’

- René Firestone, Holocaust survivor, from the documentary 'The Last Days'

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Smokescreen by Kevin A Sabet

A Review of the book: 

Smokescreen, by Kevin A. Sabet

You’ve been lied to.

For the last 20 or 30 years, you’ve been told that marijuana is safe, that it’s harmless, that it’s “an herb”. It simply isn’t true.

Smokescreen is an impassioned, intelligent plea to look beyond the smokescreen that the vested interests have thrown up. The book details how billionaires such as George Soros and those of his ilk have spent and continue to spend enormous sums of money to entice younger and younger people to try marijuana, in all its various forms. Sabet leads us through the serpentine campaign to convince Americans of the wonders of pot consumption. He shows how marijuana lobbyists with almost endless amounts of money have been able to bribe and sway politicians and others into ignoring the irrefutable facts about marijuana and declare that pot is a panacea, that it will “benefit all”. What motivation do these vested interests have in this burgeoning cannabis industry? Join Keven Sabet as he “follows the money”.

Kevin Sabet is the ‘go-to’ guy for those fighting the legalization of marijuana during the last couple of US administrations. The book is loaded with verifiable information, facts and references. He debunks any idea that marijuana today in any way compares to that of the drug from the 60s and 70s. Sabet also relates numerous anecdotes that reveal how passionately he is devoted to protecting the health of children in the world today. He really cares. This book is a must-read for anyone nibbling at the edges of the falsehood-strewn bait that the power-elite vested interests have cast.

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Psychiatry’s handbook, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has some really weird stuff in it.  It, at least, should be questioned. Not a lot of science here.

Great article breaking down some of the disorders that are listed by T.J. Nelson in his blog post: Weird Stuff in the DSM-5 

“What is going on? Some of these are mental disorders and some are neurological diseases. It looks like a mishmash of stuff selected at random. What, if anything, are the criteria for including something in the DSM?”

In his book ‘A Dose of Sanity’ Dr. Sydney Walker Jr. tells how the so called diseases in the DSM are voted upon as to whether or not they be included in the book each year.  It is not a matter of the disease being verified as an actual sickness.  This problem is largely due to the fact that there is no evidence or test to show any of the mental disorders listed actually have a physical basis. 

Dr. Thomas Szasz:

“The ostensible validity of the DSM is reinforced by psychiatry’s claim that mental illnesses are brain diseases—a claim supposedly based on recent discoveries in neuroscience, made possible by imaging techniques for diagnosis and pharmacological agents for treatment. This is not true. There are no objective diagnostic tests to confirm or disconfirm the diagnosis of depression; the diagnosis can and must be made solely on the basis of the patient’s appearance and behavior and the reports of others about his behavior.”

Another great article in Psychology Today from August 2019.

Mental Health Diagnosis: Just Say No! by Timothy A Carey Ph.D.

“In DSM-IV, there is no assumption that each category of mental disorder is a completely discrete entity with absolute boundaries dividing it from other mental disorders or no mental disorder.” (APA, 2000, p. xxxi). So, the categories that DSM offers us do not have boundaries demarcating one disorder from another or, indeed, one disorder from no disorder. This is an extraordinary revelation. This means, according to the DSM, there is no assumption that the category “schizophrenia” has boundaries that separate it from other mental disorders or from not having schizophrenia.

That is a really weird statement from the authors of the DSM.  They are essentially saying that they don’t know.  Through the rest of the article Dr Carey shows, with excellent references that there exists no pathological basis for any of the ‘diseases’ listed in DSM-IV or DSM-V or any of the earlier issues. 

Medical doctors and psychiatrists have been speaking out against these manuals for years.  It seems that naming a difficulty that someone has gives them a reason for it to not be their fault or not be responsible for fixing it.  Then here comes Big Pharma to the rescue with the drug of the week.

People get depressed. People have problems in life.  Drugs rarely fix these issues.  

Please question so called ‘science’.  Ask your doctor questions about anything he or she may prescribe. 

Do research into side effects. 

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Immune System and Drugs

Immune System and Drugs

Your Immune System and the Drugs You Take

How do drugs, both prescribed (legal) and street drugs affect your immune system?  Long term side effects and short term side effects?

How does this affect the overall health of people in the USA and Canada. The United States of America comes 37th on a list of healthiest countries in the world.  Behind many third world countries.  Per capita, the USA spends more than any other country in the world on Health Care.  What part do drugs play in this scenario?

According to

"America makes up about 5% of the world’s population – but accounts for approximately 27 percent of the world’s drug overdose deaths, according to Vox. The culprit? Prescription opioids like Oxycontin, tramadol, methadone, morphine, fentanyl or Vicodin."

I was speaking to my son recently about vaccines.  I said to him that there was some evidence that vaccines might adversely affect the immune system; that there may be a relationship with vaccines and the rapid increase of the incidence of autism over the last 30 years.  He allowed for that but pointed out the whole co-relation/cause thing.  He point out the increase of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs, and the like, over the same period of time.  He thought that these types of drugs could just as easily, or even more likely, be the cause.  Part of the issue here is that the people that might do the testing or studies to establish cause/effect here appear to not want to know!

How many women took Ritalin growing up in 80s and 90s and then had children?  Did Ritalin, and later drugs like Prozac, Zoloft and others, affect their immune systems and then the immune systems of their newborns?   Studies have proven that even drugs like marijuana can lessen sperm count in men.  What other reproductive issues can a drug like this cause? 

When I grew up only movie stars took anti depressants?

Per the CDC

“During 2015–2018, 13.2% of adults used antidepressants in the past 30 days (Figure 1). Use was higher among women (17.7%) than men (8.4%).”

This is huge! How many of these women were taking these drugs when they were pregnant?  Or breast feeding?  How are the immune systems of the babies affected by these drugs?

Oxycontin and Other Pain Relievers

The use of pain relievers (legal) has at least doubled in the last 40 years.  The intake of SSRIs doubled from 1998 to 2010.

Since 1990, 450,000 people have died from opioid overdoses.  How many users are there that don’t die? This from both prescribed and street use of various opioids.  How do these drugs affect one’s immune system?  Short term? Long term?

I know people that eat Tylenol like candy.  In both the USA and in the United Kingdom Tylenol is the biggest cause of liver failure.

“acetaminophen* overdose is the leading cause [of Acute liver failure] in the United States”  NCBI Liver Failure

(*acetaminophen: an analgesic drug used to relieve mild or chronic pain and to reduce fever, often as an alternative to aspirin. Proprietary names include Tylenol.)

The Liver?

How does this extensive damage to the liver affect one’s immune system?

“The liver is a key, frontline immune tissue. Ideally positioned to detect pathogens entering the body via the gut, the liver appears designed to detect, capture, and clear bacteria, viruses, and macromolecules.”  The Liver and Immune System

Other medicines can affect one’s liver and thus the immune system:

“Some drugs, such as statins** (used to treat high cholesterol levels), can increase the levels of liver enzymes and cause liver damage (usually minor) but no symptoms.”
Merck Liver Disorders

(**Statin: “any of a group of drugs that act to reduce levels of fats, including triglycerides and cholesterol, in the blood.”)

Study Drugs

College and University students are known to use drugs like Ritalin and Adderall to help concentrate and stay awake to study.

These commonly used drugs such as Adderall can severely affect the health of the liver.  Adderall is an amphetamine. This from an article at NCBI on amphetamines and the liver.

“More importantly, several amphetamines have been associated with clinically apparent and sometimes severe or even fatal instances of acute liver injury. These cases typically follow intravenous use, particularly when given in an excessive single dose. The synthetic amphetamine methylenedioxymetamphetamine (MDMA, but known familiarly as “ecstasy”) has been implicated in the largest number of cases, many of which were severe and led to acute liver failure and death.”

Much evidence has come to light over the last 20-30 years as to how antibiotics have affected the immune system.  A necessary evil sometimes.  The problem with antibiotics is that they kill good bacteria as well as bad. 

From JAMA Pediatrics

“This study found that all commonly prescribed antibiotics during infancy are associated with subsequent diagnosis of allergic disease.

Administration of more than 1 class of antibiotic was associated with increased risk, most notably for asthma and allergic rhinitis. This association persisted even after adjusting for the total days of antibiotics supplied.”  JAMA Pediatrics

So, ask your doctor questions.  Your doctor is not infallible.  Find out the short and long term affects of the drugs he prescribes.  Do your own homework; it is pretty easy to find side effects of pretty much any drug online. 

Street drugs, even marijuana, well, that’s a little trickier.  Opioids, (Oxy for example), that you buy on the street will not likely have a list of ingredients, telling you how much fentanyl is in it.  Even so called medical marijuana has been found to have mold which can shut down your liver.  Caution your children on the use  of study drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin.  Instruct them on how these drugs can affect one’s immune system over a short or long period of time. 

Good health is your best defence!

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Iatrogenic Deaths

Iatrogenic Deaths

Iatrogenic Deaths (Death By Doctor)

We put far too much faith in doctors.  Doctors have become our gods.  I’ve never been one to put trust in another for my well being.  I know people my age that are taking a dozen or more drugs to keep them going.  And perfectly healthy individuals that are not.  What is the difference? 

There is this inherent belief that ‘modern medicine’ extended the life span of people in our civilization.  Looking a little more closely at the USA shows that it is likely one of the unhealthiest countries in the world even though they spend the most on health care per capita.  I think it places 37th on the world stage in the list of healthiest to unhealthiest countries.  There are several third world countries that rate much higher than the USA.

Is our trust misplaced? 

Are doctors doing more harm than good? Let’s take a look:

Definition: Iatrogenic deaths: deaths caused by the medical field

This definition has been around since at least some time in the 1940s. 

Iatrogenic inpatient deaths in 2015 were 225,000 in the USA. 

If one factors in: adverse drug reactions, medical error, bedsores, infection, malnutrition, outpatients, unnecessary procedures, surgery related deaths, (caused by doctors) then the number goes up to 783,936.  Some websites put the total figure at 999,000.  That is just in the USA.

At 225,000, iatrogenic inpatient deaths is the third largest cause in the US .  Putting it in third place after Heart Disease and Cancer.  If you factor in the other ‘errors’, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, it puts iatrogenic deaths (death by doctor) at number one! - the largest cause of death in the USA!

My father was a doctor in India for over thirty years, from the early 1960s to the mid 1990s.  He gave his life for this and did it for free.  Near the end he told me that because of the pharmaceutical industry and their lack of ethics, he didn’t know if, in the end, he had helped or harmed more people.  That is a pretty damning statement for someone as educated and dedicated as my father. 

Another friend, a doctor, that lives in a upper class area of a city in Ontario, Canada, told me this story:  A new, younger doctor opened up an office in the same town.  They became acquaintances.  This new doctor was altruistic and didn’t like handing out drugs for every little ailment.  If someone came to him with a cold or something similar asking for a drug, he told them that if they took the drug, the cold would go away in about 10 days.  On the other hand, if they didn’t take the drug, the cold would go away in about 10 days.  This doctor packed his bags and moved away within a year.  People just wanted their drugs, so they went to a doctor that would give them what they wanted.  This was back in the 1990s - it is much worse now. 

I’m involved with a group that does drug education lectures.  A lot of kids ask about medical drugs.  We tell them to ask questions.  Many doctors over prescribe.  Sometimes a seriously addictive opioid will be prescribed for a mild pain or for someone that it having a little trouble sleeping because of a strain.  When we were kids and had our tonsils out, we got ice cream not Oxycontin. 

But doctors are worshipped as gods.  People don’t ask questions. 

Here is an analogy you might get:

A friend of mine had a quote for his car recently.  Engine rebuild: $6000.  Another place: $4000.  Knowing that the industry was not always the most honest, he went to small shop that a friend recommended as trustworthy.  Two days later and $600 instead of $6000, (no rebuild necessary) his car was running perfectly. 

Most people will ask questions of their plumber or contractor.  But their doctor, no!  Doctors are believed to be infallible, not to be questioned.

Is your doctor too quick to prescribe prescribe prozac when you should get off sugar and get some exercise and sleep?

The medics are the ones telling the governments of the world how people should protect themselves against disease.  In the US alone in one year the medical field has caused double the number of deaths vs those for Covid-19. 

Iatrogenic Death Comparison

Your Medical Detective

How does this hypnotic effect of doctors come about?

Historically, doctors, in various incarnations have been sometimes kindly old rascals and sometimes the equivalent of witch doctors.  Either way there has always been a somewhat blind trust because sickness and its causes were usually invisible and whether it was a witch doctor or a kindly family doctor from the 1800s or the 1950s, they seemed to be able to understand these mysteries. 

And who, now controls the medical industry? Or education? Or the end users? 

Does Big Pharma control the education of our doctors

In a great article from Global News (Canada), Laura Hensley tracks Big Pharma's influence on Universities.  Here is a list of donations from pharmaceutical companies.  These are research grants from 1995 to 2004 to University of Toronto.

Apotex Inc.: $2,875,077 (1995 to 2004)

GlaxoSmithKline: $4,566,930 (1994-2020)

Janssen Inc.: $1,642,998 (2014-2019)

Bristol-Myers: $229,930 (2001-2005)

Allergan Inc.: $272,697

This is just a small part of donations to just one University in one city.  Any donations that are outside research are not included here.  This is one school.  Could this influence what is taught in those schools?

And then, who controls the media?  And thus, the end users? How many pharmaceutical ads do you see in women’s magazines.  How many articles in these and other magazines on various types of ‘mental issues’? 

Here is another article from Freedom Magazine on how the pharmaceutical industry shifted to direct consumer advertising.  The article could be called “Who Won the War On Drugs?”

Big Pharma did not always do this.  But because of this consumers now often self diagnose and demand certain drugs from their doctors.  But if you are reading this, you are likely not one of these individuals. 


Here is a another article that includes how much the pharmaceutical industry spends on advertising.

From Emory Law:

"Americans are barraged by an endless flow of ads that claim to remedy medical maladies with prescribed drugs. The commercials depict productive and happy lives, with suggestive associations that human flourishing can be achieved via pharmaceutical intervention. The appeals are accompanied by an exhaustive inventory of potentially negative life-altering side effects."

So, the pharmaceutical industry controls to a large degree education and it pretty much completely controls the media through advertising.  You are unlikely to see an exposé in a women’s magazine on Big Pharma.  They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. 

So, as a result of all this we have an industry that continues to kill more people than heart disease and cancer put together.  And when there is a problem, they just throw money at it.  And I haven’t even touched on how Big Pharma influences government to keep this machine rolling. 

#iatrogenic #iatrogenicdeaths #iatrogenicillness #cancer #heartdisease #deathbydoctor #bigpharma  #laurahensley  #pharmaceutical

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Chemical Balance of Your Immune System

Chemical Balance of Your Immune System

Dr. Zach Bush and Your Immune System

When discussing mental or physical illness, health and nutrition cannot be overlooked.  Many physicians are much too anxious to write a prescription for the least ailment.  A sore knee and out comes the prescription pad for Oxycontin.  A teen-age break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend and out comes the prescription pad for an anti-depressant

These drugs and many like them may give temporary release from mental or physical anguish.  The long term and addictive effects can be brutal.  Much of what we are experiencing, particularly in North America, are harmful toxins that are constantly put into our bodies via the foods that we eat and drink and the stale air that we breathe.  These things can all too easily affect our moods and how we handle the stress of life.    

Numerous doctors and psychiatrists over the years have looked for other ways than drugs to help their patients alleviate various mental conditions.  The late Dr Sydney Walker, in his book, A Dose of Sanity, insists that he could find the physical source for whatever mental issue was manifesting.  He was extremely successful in this regard. 

The insistence of some that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain causing illnesses like depression and bipolar issues has yet to be proven.  There exists no research validating this idea.

So, what then?  How does our immune system affect our mental health?  And how do the chemicals in our environment affect our immune system?

Below is a excerpt from and link to Dr. Zach Bush’s website.  This section is titled ‘The Innate Immune System’.   Read through the articles and watch the video.  There is a lot of information in this section of his website.  Going through this material will give you a greater understanding as to how the microbes in your environment can benefit your health.  How you can revitalize your physical and thus your mental health. 

Global Health Initiative: Innate Immune Health

"During this most extreme collapse of human health in our history, we have made a startling discovery: human cells are not at the center of human health. Instead, it’s the cells within our microbiome, functioning as the life-giving soil within our gut and internal organs, which is at the core. The microbiome guides human health and is one of the most important contributors to the functioning of our immune system."
- Dr Zach Bush

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