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Guns, Drugs and Big Pharma – A Common Thread

Guns, Drugs and Big Pharma – A Common Thread

Guns, Drugs, and Big Pharma - Common Threads

Every time I’m around police of any sort and have a chance to ask a certain question, I do. 

I’ve asked this question of SWAT teams in Toronto, Canada and Sheriffs in small towns in the US of A.  And the answer is pretty consistent. Almost word for word, really.

The Question

First time this came up was at a small trade show I was working in a town in Southern Oregon.  The fellow in the booth next to me was a Sheriff. Doing some publicity. He came in one morning and told me that there had been a ‘gun’ incident the night before that he had to attend. 

I asked him, "How many gun incidents are drug or alcohol related?”  He looked at me kinda funny, like I was a few bricks shy of a load or something.  He replied, “All of them!” He expounded but that was basically it.

A more recent conversation with a SWAT cop when I was working at the Royal Winter Fair last November in Toronto.  There had been an incident - some sort of demonstration earlier in the day at the Fair and they were walking around keeping at eye on things. They were chatty so I asked the one guy the same question- his reply was almost exactly the same. He gave me the same ‘Are you an idiot?’ look and said, “All of them?” 

(As an aside: He went on to tell me that of the several gun incidents that they get each week, and all of the guns that they confiscate, not one has been previously owned by a legal gun owner.)

It is quite well known now, pretty much general knowledge, that some key side effects of anti-depressants are things like, depression, suicidal ideation, and violent outbursts. 

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is running for President of the United States - and I’m kinda hoping he wins.  Not too fond of other options.

Kennedy, in one of his talks pointed out that a proper investigation into the causes of school shootings and such, has never been done.  This is pretty scary.  The pharmaceutical industry makes mucho dineros from their drugs. If a study like this was done and discovered that a major contributor to these violent shootings in schools and otherwise was their drugs, the shit would hit the fan. 

Billions of Big Pharma’s dollars would just evaporate.

(Note: A very large percentage of of gun homicides are committed by inner city gangs and the like.
“Gun involvement—  in gang related homicides increased from 73% in 1980 to 92% in 2008 (figure 41)”

There is no monitoring system for the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Many think that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually regulate and monitor the drugs manufactured.  This is a fallacy.  They never do any of their own testing on the drugs produced by the drug companies. They read the summaries of the testing.  At best someone will review some of the research details.

A good book covering this aspect of the FDA is ‘Bitter Pills’ by Stephen Fried. 

So, what is the common thread here?  Of all this gun violence?  Does anyone really know. Lots of anecdotal information.  Lots of fingers pointing.  Lots of people really certain as to what the answer is.  But most of that ‘certainty’ is based on emotion. 

Not any actual research.   In fact as I pointed out earlier here, the Pharmaceutical companies are likely terrified of a proper investigation into causes of gun violence in relation to their drugs. 

There is no doubt at this point that gun crime, school shootings and such things are inevitably connected to drugs. 

Get rid of the guns and you will still have children on drugs for depression that cause worse depression and more severe symptoms such as suicidal ideation. 

One of the issues with the R&D on drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies is that they really don’t know how these drugs work.  They don’t have to show this for FDA approval. 

Here is an excerpt from ‘Bitter Pills’:

“He said the the FDA and the drug companies don’t know how most of the drugs we take actually work. For FDA approval, the companies simply need to prove that their products do work somewhat better than a placebo, a sugar pill  It is helpful to be able to offer an informed guess as to whey they work, but it isn’t required.  For example the Floxin package insert said the drug was ‘thought to exert a bacterial effect on susceptible micro-organisms by inhibiting DNA gyrase**’.

“Bitter Pills” by Stephen Fried Page 29

(**gyrase: a bacterial enzyme)

There is no doubt at this point that gun crime, school shootings and such things are inevitably connected to drugs

Big Pharma has a lot to answer for.

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James Bond and Big Pharma

James Bond and Big Pharma

Who is The Real Villain?

Anthony Fauci? Goldfinger?  Bill Gates?

James Bond villains pale in comparison to the unfettered evil displayed by the malevolent bipeds controlling the pharmaceutical industry.  If you are looking for the devil on Earth, look no further.  Poor excuses for human beings, these individuals have been directly responsible for the deaths of millions.  They deserve a spot next to the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin.  There is no kindness here.  

I’m about 150 pages into Robert F Kennedy’s book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’.  It is ostensibly about Fauci.  But really, while naming names and connections, fully annotated, the pages of the book display how rulers in the military/industrial complex and the pharmaceutical companies in the United States and other countries waste hundreds of thousands and even millions of lives [read more]for money and power.  For them, there is never enough.  

Cures for Covid in abundance.

Kennedy outlines how certain individuals within and controlling Big Pharma around the world suppress proven, safe solutions to coronaviruses that would have cut the death rate in countries like the United States by 80% or more and without the devastating effects of lockdowns.  Kennedy documents how this suppression of data and the creation of propaganda about the “harms” of entirely safe drugs started even before the rest of world became aware of Covid 19.  Joseph Goebbels would be so proud.

The book documents the timelines of propaganda attacks on safe effective drugs like Ivermectin and Hydoxychloroquine."  

All these deaths to justify the need for more money and power by a few individuals that know that they are above the law. 

At the moment of this writing, most places are sold out of the hard cover book.  One can easily purchase and download the digital version.  A couple of benefits of the digital version is that one can click on the annotations and go directly to the source of the information.  Apparently, they will also update the book through a QR code as well as more information becomes available.   

Here is the link to purchase from Amazon:

The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy

If you are in Canada get it at Chapters/Indigo (download):

Kobo Chapters

I’ll update this article or write another as I move through the book.[/read]

Death by Doctors

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