"World Health Organization Seeks to End Human Rights Violations"

I’m not normally a fan of the World Health Organization but I give them huge credit in this instance.  I have not read through all the documentation regarding this release but friends who I trust have.  Seems that all bases are covered. 

One of the notes in here is how little of government money goes to actual mental health, the majority, 98% of funds, going to psychiatric hospitals. 

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I’ve always felt that the psychiatrist industry is more about sickness and money that can be made from the ‘mentally ill’ than it ever has been about health. 

Big Pharma and psychiatry only make money if people are ill.  Exercise, eating healthy and long walks in the woods never garnered cash for these evil ones. 

This study coming out of The World Health Organization reminds me of a poem I heard years ago:

There is so much good
In the worst of us,
There is so much bad
In the best of us,
It ill behooves any of us,
To speak ill of the rest of us.
- Anonymous

The point for me, here, being that in this big bad organization there are some good people.  And in this case these folks are not just good but heroes in my book!

Here is a link to the news item on The World Health Organization's Website.  If you search online, you can find many, many references to this release.[/read]

The Hippocratic Oath

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