Is CBD safe?

It is possible for CBD to convert to THC under the right conditions.

This peer-reviewed scientific article expands on three key points:


1. CBD has been shown to convert to THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana with the use of electronic cigarettes.
2. Delta-8 THC is also one of the main components with the use of CBD in electronic cigarettes, which is psychoactive like delta-9 THC and is completely unregulated by the FDA and is easily accessible to youth without any safeguards in place.
3. CBD, is a main component found in hemp, was allowed by the US government to no longer be scheduled controlled substance – yet CBD converts easily to a controlled psychoactive substance (THC).

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"Our results point out that CBD in e-cigarettes can be considered as a precursor of THC, thus it bears all the dangers related to this psychoactive compound. Our findings are fundamental contributions to the safety profile of CBD-based e-cigarettes."
From Article "CBD, a precursor of THC in e‑cigarettes"

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