Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers vs Big Pharma

Vaccination is a sensitive subject right now. Always has been, but now with the whole Covid-19 thing going on it is even more inflammatory.  

I’ve done a huge amount of research on the subject in the last 2-3 months, more than I have done on a lot of subjects and generally I’m pretty good at research.  

I like to get as close to source data as I can.  If I can find a white paper on a subject I’m researching, you know, real lab testing, double-blind and all that, then I’m all in.  Some of those can be tough to wade through; these scientists are writing for their peers, not peons like me.  

I’ve watched videos and read books.  When I’m doing these last, I like to go the websites or papers referenced as much as I can.  I even read novels that cover various issues and follow up with research there.  For example, I was reading a thriller that had some bad hat lobbyist involved with the vaping industry.  The character in the book was supporting and investing in the vaping industry and backing the tobacco industry in this cause until the CDC did some serious testing on its safety.  (Then, of course, the bad hat bailed.)

I’m far from the CDC’s biggest fan but there are some there that do good work.  There are a number of articles on the actualities of vaping here: New England Journal of Medicine 

I would rather read a book than someone’s opinion about the book.  

I have found that, with regard to vaccinations, even those called ‘anti-vaxxers’ are not so much against vaccines as their abuse.  

The line goes something like this:

Extreme ‘Vaxxers’         Middle               Extreme ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

++++             —————————————          ++++

Most people, if you take the time to actually listen, as with anything, fall somewhere in the middle.  It may be one or the other end of the middle but within that area if put aside your emotions, you could have an actual conversation with the person at the opposite end of the middle.  Don’t bother with the extremes. You would be wasting your time.  

This all brings me to the real reason for this article, Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry.

Two points, actually. One, there has never been any control or placebo test group done with any testing on vaccines.  Ever.  The arguments for this are largely that one would be depriving people, mostly children of the safety of the vaccine.  This could be said about any drug or product that the pharmaceutical industry manufactures.  For all other products, they are impelled to do so.  

The other, more insidious reason, I believe is that the whole industry is protected by the government for any harm done by vaccines. 

So, combined, those two facts, I find worrisome.  Big Pharma and the CDC do not have to test the efficacy of the product they are injecting and cannot be censured if something goes wrong!  

Please understand that I had my children vaccinated and would do so again, but likely not under the current regimen.  I would ensure that their immune systems were boosted to the max and would look for a way to have the gentlest impact on their immune systems.  

I even watched the movie ‘Vaxxed’.  There are people having not watched it, would quote detractors of this movie, not bothering to watch it themselves.  I don’t think there was anything in the movie that couldn’t be verified, if one was willing to take a moment.  And I didn’t see anyone in the movie that I would have considered an ‘anti-vaxxer’.  Most were upset with the way the pharmaceutical industry behaved with regard to vaccines.  I will try and refrain from giving too much opinion about the movie and ask you to just watch. If you can’t find it, let me know.

When this whole Covid-19/Coronavirus thing blew up, I asked a number of medical people a question about vaccines.  I wanted to know, if one had a vaccine, could one still carry the disease and be infectious.  Or could one still contract the disease that they were vaccinated against to a smaller extent.  I went to medical websites and doctors involved in the industry and asked these very direct questions.  The answers that I got were weird because, well, they weren’t answers. No one gave me a definitive answer. It was all kind of gobbly goop.  Kind of like politician speak.  So, I had to do my own research.  

(A point on research.  When you do a search on Google, you will often find the first 20 items often are all quoting the same reference.  Go deeper.  Just because there are twenty different articles all quoting the same document, does not mean that document is correct.  Take a look around. Get some understanding so that you can have some judgement.)

Here are some of the results: 

“If you've gotten the vaccine, though, you could have symptoms that are mild and still be infectious.”

One article I read regarding whooping cough, pointed out that even after the vaccine, one could contract the disease and spread it.  It was pointed out in the article that because of the vaccine, the symptoms would be less dramatic and one would not necessarily feel ill enough to stay home.  This would result in an increased chance of spreading the disease.  

There is an article (link below) that talks about people with vaccines spreading the disease they have been vaccinated for.  You don’t have to read the article if you think it will upset you, but at the end are 19 links that go to websites like,

 … all quite reputable websites.  Many of the links go to white papers which can be a bit tiring to wade through.  But they make their point.  Very thorough testing.  Read them at your peril:

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