Lies from Big Pharma, The FDA and psychiatry!

Lies from Big Pharma, The FDA and psychiatry!

Great article on some of the falsehoods propagated by the pharmaceutical industry.  Fourteen myths that we have been told over and over now properly debunked.

Myth # 1: 
“The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) tests all new psychiatric drugs”

False. Actually the FDA only reviews studies that were designed, administered, secretly performed and paid for by the multinational profit-driven drug companies. The studies are frequently farmed out by the pharmaceutical companies by well-paid research firms, in whose interest it is to find positive results for their corporate employers. Unsurprisingly, such research policies virtually guarantee fraudulent results."

Read the rest here:

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Depression – no fun at all!

Depression – no fun at all!

As  with physical pain, drugs can mask an underlying cause. Many psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists will tell you that the drug is bringing an abnormal or chemical imbalance back to a more natural state. When asked to do a test for this as one would do for a physical ailment, no test can be produced; there never has been one.
So, you are struggling with your depression and want some kind of relief, anything just to be unstuck from this awful cloying mass and feeling that is with you every minute of the day. The Doctor offers you you a pill or a bottle of pills like Xanax or some such promising relief. Offering one kind of hell for another; for now you are in a chemical straight jacket as when the effects of the drug wear off here comes your funk again.
In 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's depression as a 'disease was pretty much unheard of. The folks that would make money from your illness would have you believe that half you school class back in those days were just hiding a constant horribleness. I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people from these earlier eras and this is just not true.  Unless I was only able to find those who were not constantly dogged by depression. Certainly many voiced that they were some times troubled and sad; life as a teen can be horrible at times but any that I spoke with were able to come out of it without drugs.
There is this idea purported by the medical industry that this particular day and age, this society is more stressful than earlier times. They would have us believe that this the only era where anyone had difficulty with their parents or children.
I know that you think that your situation is special and different. Believe me it is. But at the same time it isn't.
So what did people do before drugs were the answer. Do you want a quick fix? Something that will mask the symptoms? Or do you want to fix it? I do honestly know that it feels like it is something that cannot be fixed.  But believe me you and the human race are made of sterner stuff than that. You may not think that now but it is the truth.
I read this book years ago by a psychiatrist named Sydney Walker Jr. The book was called A Dose Of Sanity.  It was about the mood altering drug Prozac. One of the things that he said repeatedly in the book was that he could invariably find out the underlying physical cause of some mental difficulty.  He gave examples ranging from allergies to brain tumours where Prozac had been prescribed nearly causing deaths if Dr. Walker had not intervened.
I am not entirely convinced,though, that every person that is depressed has some physical problem. I have seen too many people resolve their depression in other ways. I have this friend at the gym. He was prescribed drugs as a solution to his depression by his doctor. His uncle got a hold of him and took him to a martial arts class and he never looked back, never took any of the drugs, he didn't need them anymore once started training.
This may not be the solution for everybody and may be more difficult for you to start something to change. Also, some in the medical industry would argue that he was not really depressed if it was that easy; that a little exercise is not going to resolve something of this depth. If you listen to his story, it was not that easy, but he was able to persist with help of his uncle.
Sometime that is what is needed. Someone to help you get from here to there. The majority of time the solutions to the most complex situations are ver, very simple! (I know there is no way you are going to believe that when you terribly depressed.)
A couple of things to try and hold onto when you are feeling the worst: firstly, it is not, no matter what you think, you!  And two: it can get better - there is something that you can do about it.
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Above the law: Psychiatrist Ron Rubin: “I’m confused. I don’t get it”

Above the law: Psychiatrist Ron Rubin: “I’m confused. I don’t get it”

These people need to be disciplined by their own but I don't see that ever happening.  The pharmaceutical industry has the desire for money and control.  Keeping psychiatrists out 'there' upsetting various Publics and making a mess of things feeds their coffers.  So, when I hear of psychiatrists being detained for illegal behavior lessening native based terrorism, well, that is all good for the western world.

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Psychiatrists Admit They Haven’t Cured Anyone

In this short video Psychiatrists admit two key things:

1. There is no valid test for a chemical imbalance for any of their ‘diseases’

2. The psychiatrists interviewed all admit that they have not cured anyone.

No Science – No Cures

If I get a plumber to come over to fix a leaky pipe, I expect that he knows how to fix it and it actually gets fixed before I pay him.  Would I continue to throw money at him for a lot of smoke and mirrors?  I don’t think so.

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It is OK for Psychiatrists to create terrorists!

A recent law passed in New York prevents a psychiatrist from being sued for knowingly or unknowingly giving drugs that cause a violent action like that in Denver or the Sandy Hook shooting.  They are allowed to create terrorists without censure. 

“Under the new law, a psychiatrist can’t be prosecuted for failing to report a patient who later commits murder, as long as the psychiatrist “acted in good faith.” The meaning of that phrase is broad enough to automatically cast blanket exoneration on most shrinks, which closes off the chance a psychiatrist will be pilloried for prescribing a drug he knows can induce violence in the patient.”

Full story here:  Natural News

Many have heard the expression “Big Brother is watching you”. I don’t know how many have read the book: 1984 by George Orwell.  He predicted all of this.

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17 Interesting Facts about Doctors and Patients – Misdiagnosed Conditions

This is from EdMedExpert Blog:

Go to the link to read the explanation.  My comments are below each point in square brackets.

1.  How frequently do doctors misdiagnose patients?

[I thought their 10-15% was a little low. See the book ‘A Dose of Sanity’ by Sydney Walker III M.D. for commonly misdiagnosed conditions.]

2.  Who prescribes antibiotics inappropriately? Foreign, extra-busy and older MDs.

3. Doctors’ choice of prescriptions are often influenced by their patients.

[In Canada, where it’s illegal to have those spacy drug ads in magazines or on TV, I see those American ads on US television programming.  I can imagine a patient coming into their doctor’s office and having some symptom.  Goodness, their medical education comes from thumbing through an issue of Oprah Magazine, bursting with drug ads.  “Doctor, I think I should be prescribed Griefexa.” What’s next?  Learning brain surgery on Youtube? |All that ‘training’ is obviously going to lead to more misdiagnosed conditions.]

4.  Free drug samples influence prescribing.

5.  Patients treated with respect are more likely to follow medical advice.

6.  Doctor-Patient communication has a real impact on health.

7. Most patients want to shake hands with their physicians.

8.  Seven things patients expect from doctors.

[Oddly enough, being able to diagnose what is wrong with them isn’t on this list.]

9.  Surgeons are taller and better looking than other doctors.

10.  Patients often receive incomplete drug instructions.

[And often not knowing the side effects and how they interact with other drugs]

11.  Disclosure of medical errors: there is a gap between physicians’ attitudes and their real-world experiences admitting such errors.

12.  The highest rate of “Off-label” prescriptions accounts for Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants, and Antipsychotic medications.

13.  Seven medical myths even doctors believe.

14.  Majority of U.S. doctors believe religion is beneficial for patients’ health.

15.  Psychiatrists are the least religious of all doctors.

16.  However, psychiatrists are most interested in patients’ religion.

17.  The fine art of patient-doctor relationships.

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Limerick: Psychiatrist

I once knew a woman named Jill,
whose psychiatrist gave her a pill.
But it messed up her head,
and just made her dead.
Now she can’t pay her doctor’s big bill.
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Hippocratic Oath (Modern and Original Versions)

I’m including the Hippocratic Oath here so that one can understand the original standard that has been set for the medical field.  Please note that psychiatrists are trained medical doctors and should be abiding by this code as would any other doctor.  If this standard were to be adhered to by both doctors and psychiatrists, Continue reading →

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Prison Cartoon

KGB? CIA? Terrorists?

KGB? CIA? Terrorists?

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