The film Dark Waters

with Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Anne Hathaway

It is sometimes pretty scary that there has to be people in the world like Robert Bilott (the real life person that Mark Ruffulo portrays in the movie).  It’s sad and worrisome that there is so much evil in the world and that people in a company like Dupont care so little of others that someone like Bilott has to pick up the gauntlet and act for the rest of us.

I’m not the best at critiquing movies, I leave that to my movie editor son.  He is pretty good.  He would likely be able to tell me why I liked it and why it kept me enthralled through the 2 hours and  6 minutes.  

This is not meant to be a review but a hope that if you are reading this you will be inspired to do a little more to improve the world.  

Sometimes doing something slightly less convenient can make a big difference it a lot of people do it.  Good or bad.  My wife and I hike a lot.  We are in Canada.  No matter where we hike, we see Tim Horton’s cups.  Tim Horton’s, for those that are not aware is a huge coffee chain in Canada.  It is rare that we go on a hike or to the beach and don’t see at least one of their cups strewn to the side of the trail.  

One individual may think, “What is one cup?”  Here are a few photos of what each of those individuals thinking that can do.  


Flip that around.  What if each of those people instead of casting aside their waste, picked up a bit of someone else’s.  We might have  a pretty clean environment.  I like to hope that there are more good people than bad.  It is just that sometimes the good don’t realize how bad the bad can be.

If one took the little extra effort and went to a coffee shop that allowed one to bring their own cup.  Spend a little extra and buy the meat that is raised locally without hormones, etc.  Find some small thing that you can do.  Work with neighbours to clean up the litter.  If it is only you and your spouse or kids, do it anyway.  Set an example.  

We are always cheering individuals like Robert Bilott and wishing there were more like him.  Or not understanding why there is even evil to fight.  But there is.  Most of the time the real heroes are just the average person stepping up to the plate.

Most people won’t read an article like this.  Most are really unaware that there is a problem. But if you started dragging your kids out to do some street or neighbourhood clean up instead of Saturday morning cartoons, whether or not others start to contribute, you will feel better.  

Find good people in the community to support. Look for those helping kids, doing things to improve life around them and figure out a way to support them.  

It does take some effort to get started.  But once started it will be so fulfilling. 

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