Tools to Make a Safe Country

Guns and violence.  There have been some terrible tragedies recently – the school shootings in America.  The anti gun people and the pro gun people are seriously ‘up in arms’ against each other.  This is actually a great result and behind it a wonderful tactic if you can get away with it.  A pretty standard way for someone to keep people distracted and upset.

There is a technique for keeping two parties fighting each other.  This is an incredibly useful tool and can be applied anywhere in life.  For example if you want to break up a marriage: tell false things to each spouse involved but make sure that you stay ‘invisible’ and you will have them successfully fighting each other. It is important that neither one know that you are the one spreading the falsehoods or rumors.  If this is found out then it will not usually work. This can easily be done with marriages or countries.  This is how you keep wars going.  Make sure that you are spreading false information about the other country.  Do that with both countries and you get some pretty serious hate going on.  But you have to make sure that both sides are unaware of what you are doing.  You definitely want to hide that you are the one spreading the falsehoods.

This can be done pretty easily in many aspects of life if you are careful to make sure that the falsehoods are not too obviously false and you stay well hidden as the culprit.

Why would you do this?  Any number of reasons.  You want to steal a girlfiend or boyfriend. You are not happy with the person your son or daughter married and want them to break up.  You want to get someone you don’t like fired from a job.  A competitor has a better product than you and is taking your business. Just alter the truth a little.  Pretend to be helping – that is very effective  – when you are feeding the lies.

You want to destroy a small business.  How do you conflict the two partners in that business?  Spread some insidious rumors.  Use a lot of ‘everyone knows’ – generalizations work the best when spreading rumors.  But make sure that if you are targeting someone in a company that the reports are vague and confusing.  That will put more doubt into the mix and make it less likely for people to discern the truth.  If you can keep two partners in a company upset with bad news it will prevent them from being able to sort out the truth.  Even if the company is doing fairly well there are probably some “mess-ups” somewhere and it is easy enough to blow things out of proportion.  Keep nagging.  And don’t always communicate directly to the party or parties you are trying to get conflicted.  Communicate these things to the secretary or someone else close.  That puts in another layer and keeps you invisible.

It takes some work and conniving but is one of the best ways to destroy a company or marriage.  Or get someone fired.  And if you are good at it you can come out unscathed and probably profit from the destruction.

So, if you are running a country and you want to get anything done, you have to apply the above.  If you are a dictator or tyrant that is fine, you can do pretty much what you want.  But short of that you have to do something to keep the people of your country fighting each other so you can get the things accomplished that you feel are needed.  You have to keep them distracted from the important policy decisions.  The above technique will work to keep groups fighting each other and also distracted enough that you can pass any laws that most people will either agree with or be to busy to pay attention to.

Create or monopolize on tragedies.

But even with these you must make sure that there are confusions to keep the rumour mills running.  Use the media to give conflicting reports and vagaries.  This will do a couple of things:  It will keep people’s attention generally stuck on the tragedy.  Nothing like vagaries and a mystery to do that. And it will keep the two sides of the debate at each others throats.

The above can be a lot of work but has proven to be successful down through the centuries.  Most people will go where the media points them.  Just have them(the media) say confusing things in an officious way.  If you can get falsehoods into the newspapers and other news outlets, all the better.  The majority of people will not believe that the media would lie to them.  And most are too cowardly to confront the real evil that this is. It is pretty easy to tell the media what to do these days. And those ‘alternate’ media sources need not worry you.  Just pass some false rumors about them – run the same gambit I have outlined above. Any that get too powerful, you can always infiltrate.

All this gives you(the leader of the country) time to do the things necessary to put in place the laws and infrastructure that will make your government stronger and more able to control the people.  The majority of people are completely willing to give up their freedoms and have the government run things for them.  If you doubt this just look at the history of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia or different periods in China.

Posted by greymouser