Shooting in Nashville, Tennessee

Shooting in Nashville, Tennessee

or ‘What is the cause of violence?’

When there is a shooting such as happened the other day in Nashville,Tennessee, all rationality seems to go out the window.  The flames of this are thoroughly fanned by politicians and the media. Hardly a fact spoken, the rhetoric all being that we have to do something and we have to do it now.  And solution by all these firebrands is ‘ban guns’, ‘get rid of guns and we will have less violence’. 

This is so illogical it is horribly frightening.  The media goons and political hacks depend on the irrationality and runaway emotions of the greater population.  And, boy, do they know the buttons and how to fan those flames. 

And to mount one scary event on top of another, part of the Trans community is calling for ‘A Trans Day of Vengeance’   Yeah. That is going to solve everything. 

If you can’t have your way or someone disagrees with you, have a temper tantrum.  That is pretty much what this amounts to.  But way worse. People are gonna get hurt.

What happened to rational discussions?  What happened to stepping back and looking at all the facts?  I’ve done a heck of a lot of research on the subject and I could list hundreds of facts here to bolster my case.  I personally don’t think guns are the cause of these horrible events.  School shootings and others. 

You many have different information.  You may have looked at information that I have missed.  Maybe, just maybe, if we actually share in a calm, rational manner, there might be a solution that works for both of us.

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