“For any group to engage fully and knowingly upon the destruction of the Constitution and any liberty or freedom it may guarantee is less startling than that they should also be accepted as the dominant force behind many politicians. National Mental Health groups in any country are all members of Read more…

We should all be thankful to the field of psychiatry for proving over and over again that electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) has never helped anyone, ever, be a smarter or a better person.

Diagnostic Labels

“We can manufacture enough diagnostic labels of normal variability of mood and thought that we can continually supply medication to you … But when it comes to manufacturing disease, nobody does it like psychiatry.” ~ Dr. Stefan Kruszewski, psychiatrist, Pennsylvania Medical Society, 2004

Definition and Goal of Terrorism

In this blog I will be doing some comparisons of psychiatry to terrorism. One of the first steps would be to clearly define each and their stated goals. As the subject of terrorism has been at the forefront these past few years, we’ll start there. There is no shortage of material on the net about terrorists and their goals. I found one site that has some interesting information here: Terrorism Research

First, let us define terrorism: (more…)