pschiatric labeling

Say NO to drugs!

The whole labeling thing by psychiatrists really ticks me off.  How to slam and oppress an active child.  He can’t keep his attention on what YOU want him to keep his or her attention on so YOU label him or her ADHD instead of something positive.  psychiatric labelingMakes for a pretty dangerous environment for the child.  He or she cannot be his or herself anymore.

What if Mozart was labeled ADHD because all he could do was write music.  Or Da Vinci was thrown in the nuthouse because his scribblings were fanciful and unrealistic.  Over the centuries in other cultures people were ostracized from their society because they did not conform and many talents were squashed BUT with drugs like ritalin the evil bastards(psychiatrists) are able to neutralize thousands and millions of children all the while having the general population thinking they are helping.

Hey – to coin a phrase “Say no to drugs!”

Or one that I like much better: “Drugs are for losers!”

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