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Health Canada Withholding information about ADHD drugs

Health Canada is not a ‘nice’ organization.  I’m convinced their purpose is not to help people.  Which is kind of sad.  I’m sure that staff and executives have themselves convinced that the general population of Canada is “too stupid to understand” but I’m sure that the average Canadian has a much higher intelligence and ethical standard than any executive or employee of Health Canada.  When someone withholds vital information, which is explained more in the article below, then, as anyone knows they have acts that they are not proud of and more than likely they could be seriously censured for.  There are numerous documented deaths resulting from ADHD drugs that are prescribed to children and Health Canada will not release information to parents, or anyone for that matter, about potential side effects of any of these drugs.  As usual, one of the major criminal organizations involved in the manufacture and peddling of these dangerous drugs, Eli Lilly, would not comment.  Doctors often prescribe drugs for ADHD without knowing their side effects.  If you are researching this and your doctor has prescribed drug for your child such as Concerta, Strattera and Biphentin ask, insist that he supply a list of possible side-effects before allowing them to be administered.  Ask this of anyone that insists that your child be administered these drugs.
Read the article here: Ottawa keeps ADHD reports secret


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Health Canada Ignoring Dangers of drugs

Here is a bit more proof that one should not take the medical profession at face value.  Do not believe the ads on television that a pill will take all your troubles away.  Read this article from the Toronto Star on how Health Canada is ignoring dangerous side effects of drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies and handed out by your doctor.  Do your own research.–health-canada-brushes-off-reports-of-serious-side-effects


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Are you depressed about Pfizer?

In British Columbia, Canada there is a class action suit against Pfizer. You can read the article in the Nation Post here:

The plaintiiffs contend that Pfizer’s drug Champix is dangerous, causing depression and possibly suicide – Patricia Clow of Colwood, B.C., says that it caused her daughter to commit suicide. Champix is on the market in US and Canada as a product to help quit smoking.

There are a couple of remarks that stand out to me. The first is:

“In July 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration required Pfizer to insert a ‘black box’ warning into its labelling about the risk of suicide or psychiatric harm.”

The second:

“The agency [Health Canada] also noted, however, that symptoms like depressed mood, insomnia, irritability, frustration, anger and anxiety are often reported while quitting smoking, with or without drug treatment.”

Now I contend that this second statement by Health Canada was more than a little stupid if directed at anyone who retains any ability at all to think: Millions of people quit smoking every year. I have never heard of anyone getting so depressed or irritated or frustrated or angry or anxious that they actually committed suicide – without the help of drugs of course.

As for the first statement, why would you put a drug out on the market where the side effects are more dangerous than what they are used to cure? Here is a bit more information on the side effects of Champix take from the Wikipedia dictionary:

“In November 2007, the FDA announced it had received post-marketing reports that patients using Chantix for smoking cessation had experienced several serious symptoms, including suicidal ideation and occasional suicidal behavior, erratic behavior, and drowsiness. On February 1, 2008 the FDA issued an Alert to further clarify its findings, noting that ‘it appears increasingly likely that there is an association between Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms.’ It is unknown whether the psychiatric symptoms are related to the drug or to nicotine withdrawal symptoms, although not all patients had stopped smoking. The FDA also recommended that health care professionals and patients watch for behavioral and mood changes.[7] In May 2008, Pfizer updated the safety information associated with Chantix, noting that ‘some patients have reported changes in behavior, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions.'”

Another point that irritates and depresses me to no end (don’t worry, I won’t commit suicide) is that Pfizer put this drug out and over the next several months numerous ‘results’ came in causing them to put additional warnings on their labels. Are they releasing these drugs and unbeknownst to the public at large using them as guinea pigs?

Please, please don’t take your doctor’s word on a drug – he gets money to push them – do your own research! I’d rather see you alive and smoking – enjoying life – than depressed and dead from suicide.

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Natural Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

“The story of Truehope began with one father’s desperate desire to save his children.”

The pharmaceutical industry would have you believe their drugs are the only cure for mankind’s mental ills. And when someone discovers a more effective way to help people without the harmful side effects of things like suicide and death then organizations such as Heath Canada deems it necessary to stop real help.

Please take some time to read through TrueHope’s website and do what you can to support their efforts to fight the good fight.

TrueHope and EMPowerplus

More great information in the Lethbridge Herald and True Hope’s battle with Health Canada.

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