drugging children

Psychiatry: A really evil bunch

I believe that if you were looking for the Devil on earth or a manifestation thereof and came across psychiatry and the pharmaceutical ‘industry’ you don’t have to look further.  Every single one of them may not be evil but what you see in this video is pure evil.  It makes me weep that any parent would blindly believe these horrible excuses for human beings and agree to give children this age drugs of any sort.

I have a good friend, single mom, that was having a bit of trouble getting in communication with her daughter.  I suggested to her that instead of trying to talk to the daughter about what was bothering her at home, that she take her for a walk or to a park.  She told me yesterday that she has been doing this over the last year whenever it is a problem and works like a charm.  Good therapy for mom and 4 year old.

I’m sure there are many a psychiatrist that would have immediately resorted to some sort of psychiatric prescription.   And with the internet there is no reason any doctor, school teacher or parent could not research a bit about the drugs that are being prescribed instead blindly believing the drug dealer.

Children get upset.  Babies cry.  Both take time and care to raise.  A drug will never replace a cuddle or sitting on the floor playing with your child.

Please watch this so you know what I’m talking about.

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