Health Canada Withholding information about ADHD drugs

Health Canada is not a ‘nice’ organization.  I’m convinced their purpose is not to help people.  Which is kind of sad.  I’m sure that staff and executives have themselves convinced that the general population of Canada is “too stupid to understand” but I’m sure that the average Canadian has a much higher intelligence and ethical standard than any executive or employee of Health Canada.  When someone withholds vital information, which is explained more in the article below, then, as anyone knows they have acts that they are not proud of and more than likely they could be seriously censured for.  There are numerous documented deaths resulting from ADHD drugs that are prescribed to children and Health Canada will not release information to parents, or anyone for that matter, about potential side effects of any of these drugs.  As usual, one of the major criminal organizations involved in the manufacture and peddling of these dangerous drugs, Eli Lilly, would not comment.  Doctors often prescribe drugs for ADHD without knowing their side effects.  If you are researching this and your doctor has prescribed drug for your child such as Concerta, Strattera and Biphentin ask, insist that he supply a list of possible side-effects before allowing them to be administered.  Ask this of anyone that insists that your child be administered these drugs.
Read the article here: Ottawa keeps ADHD reports secret


Posted by greymouser