Mainstream Media prefers horrific news

This recent article out of San Antonio, Texas kind of clinches it for me.  I would always hope that the general mainstream media would try to print the news.  An unbiased view.  I understand why more and more people resort to reading alternative news sources.  I know many won’t read these as they are worried that they will feel like they are lumped in with the conspiracy theorists.  The problem with any news source these days is that they are forwarding some sort of agenda.  Mainstream media is financed by their advertisers and whomsoever sits on the boards of the advertising companies will dictate.  Some of the smaller ‘alternative’ media can be just as alarming.  They as well make for a ‘dangerous’ environment.
It is hard to follow them all but always the best are the local news outlets.  I would love to see more news that would calm our nations.  There is violence in this story and it will likely come out as with other similar stories that the perpetrator was a product of pharmaceuticals but the violence here could have been much worse.  It is a story of another ‘nutcase’ with a gun but before that person could do more than wound a couple of people he was killed by what appears to be an off-duty cop.

The point here is not to promote guns or argue that point.  It is that this could have easily been a disastrous situation much like Denver or Sandy Hook.  If there are a hundred ‘gun’ stories, which will the mainstream media follow?

Two Wounded in San Antonio, Texas

Posted by greymouser