Dr Peter Breggin, MD. and Eli Lilly

Dr Peter Breggin, MD. and Eli Lilly

Here is a great talk by Dr Peter Breggin.  Enlightens us a bit about how the whole chemical imbalance subject came about:

Get  his book here:

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (Links to

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Dr. Joseph Biederman – Terrorist

Dr. Joseph Biederman – Terrorist

This is a man that should be on the terrorist watch list for about every country in the world.  He should not be allowed near children of any age.  Young children are having a hard enough time dealing with learning to operate a new young body, and the bizarre creatures called adults.  Most need simply some love and attention, NOT another iPad or a mind altering chemical from Johnson & Johnson or Eli Lilly.

Please take the time to read through this article:

How to destroy your kids: Joseph Biederman

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Above the law: Psychiatrist Ron Rubin: “I’m confused. I don’t get it”

Above the law: Psychiatrist Ron Rubin: “I’m confused. I don’t get it”

These people need to be disciplined by their own but I don't see that ever happening.  The pharmaceutical industry has the desire for money and control.  Keeping psychiatrists out 'there' upsetting various Publics and making a mess of things feeds their coffers.  So, when I hear of psychiatrists being detained for illegal behavior lessening native based terrorism, well, that is all good for the western world.

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Psychiatry: A really evil bunch

I believe that if you were looking for the Devil on earth or a manifestation thereof and came across psychiatry and the pharmaceutical ‘industry’ you don’t have to look further.  Every single one of them may not be evil but what you see in this video is pure evil.  It makes me weep that any parent would blindly believe these horrible excuses for human beings and agree to give children this age drugs of any sort.

I have a good friend, single mom, that was having a bit of trouble getting in communication with her daughter.  I suggested to her that instead of trying to talk to the daughter about what was bothering her at home, that she take her for a walk or to a park.  She told me yesterday that she has been doing this over the last year whenever it is a problem and works like a charm.  Good therapy for mom and 4 year old.

I’m sure there are many a psychiatrist that would have immediately resorted to some sort of psychiatric prescription.   And with the internet there is no reason any doctor, school teacher or parent could not research a bit about the drugs that are being prescribed instead blindly believing the drug dealer.

Children get upset.  Babies cry.  Both take time and care to raise.  A drug will never replace a cuddle or sitting on the floor playing with your child.

Please watch this so you know what I’m talking about.

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Psychiatrists Admit They Haven’t Cured Anyone

In this short video Psychiatrists admit two key things:

1. There is no valid test for a chemical imbalance for any of their ‘diseases’

2. The psychiatrists interviewed all admit that they have not cured anyone.

No Science – No Cures

If I get a plumber to come over to fix a leaky pipe, I expect that he knows how to fix it and it actually gets fixed before I pay him.  Would I continue to throw money at him for a lot of smoke and mirrors?  I don’t think so.

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We should all be thankful to the field of psychiatry for proving over and over again that electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) has never helped anyone, ever, be a smarter or a better person.

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Psychiatry’s Grand Confession

If you have ever thought drugs were to be any help for depression, here is an article with at great confession by the perpetrators and profiteers of some of them.

Psychiatry’s Grand Confession

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The psychiatric profession has finally come clean and confessed on a national media outlet that there is no evidence to support the Serotonin Theory of Depression. Today, on NPR’s Morning Edition there is a segment about the chemical imbalance theory, and virtually all the psychiatrists who are interviewed acknowledge that the there was never any evidence in support of the idea that low serotonin causes depression. But then, amazingly, they go on to say that it is perfectly fine to tell patients that serotonin imbalance causes depression even though they know this isn’t the case.(more)

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What is the DSM?

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is psychiatry’s  billing bible of so-called mental disorders.

With the DSM, psychiatry has taken countless aspects of human behavior and reclassified them as a mental illness simply by adding the term disorder onto them. While even key DSM contributors admit that there is no scientific/medical validity to the disorders, the DSM nonetheless serves as a diagnostic tool, not only for individual treatment, but also for child custody disputes, discrimination cases, court testimony, education and more. As the diagnoses completely lack scientific criteria, anyone can be labeled mentally ill, and subjected to dangerous and life threatening treatments based solely on opinion.  The treatment of virtually ANY of the “illnesses” listed and so diagnosed is virtually ALWAYS one or more drugs.

There is NO science behind the “illnesses” listed, no test results, no verifiable or duplicable experimental data and NO evidence that such illnesses actually exist. They are voted into the manual by a show of hands at psychiatric conference. That is how much “science” is involved.  Take Road Rage as a recent example.  People sometimes get mad while driving. Decide to call it a mental illness, get it voted into the DSM by a show of hands and Road Rage is now a mental illness. 

“The nonscientific approach used to create DSM leads to irrational and constantly changing diagnostic criteria: a patient might be perfectly normal according to one version of DSM and mentally ill by the standards of the next. (For instance, ‘narcissistic personality disorder’—used to describe vain people who are self-centered and frequently take advantage of others—was a DSM ‘diagnosis’ until 1968. It was eliminated from the version used between 1968 and 1980, when it was reinstated. Thus, a self-centered, vain person was ‘mentally ill’ before 1968, normal for the next twelve years, and then ‘mentally ill’ again after 1980.)” – Dr. Sydney Walker, III, psychiatrist, neurologist

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17 Interesting Facts about Doctors and Patients – Misdiagnosed Conditions

This is from EdMedExpert Blog:

Go to the link to read the explanation.  My comments are below each point in square brackets.

1.  How frequently do doctors misdiagnose patients?

[I thought their 10-15% was a little low. See the book ‘A Dose of Sanity’ by Sydney Walker III M.D. for commonly misdiagnosed conditions.]

2.  Who prescribes antibiotics inappropriately? Foreign, extra-busy and older MDs.

3. Doctors’ choice of prescriptions are often influenced by their patients.

[In Canada, where it’s illegal to have those spacy drug ads in magazines or on TV, I see those American ads on US television programming.  I can imagine a patient coming into their doctor’s office and having some symptom.  Goodness, their medical education comes from thumbing through an issue of Oprah Magazine, bursting with drug ads.  “Doctor, I think I should be prescribed Griefexa.” What’s next?  Learning brain surgery on Youtube? |All that ‘training’ is obviously going to lead to more misdiagnosed conditions.]

4.  Free drug samples influence prescribing.

5.  Patients treated with respect are more likely to follow medical advice.

6.  Doctor-Patient communication has a real impact on health.

7. Most patients want to shake hands with their physicians.

8.  Seven things patients expect from doctors.

[Oddly enough, being able to diagnose what is wrong with them isn’t on this list.]

9.  Surgeons are taller and better looking than other doctors.

10.  Patients often receive incomplete drug instructions.

[And often not knowing the side effects and how they interact with other drugs]

11.  Disclosure of medical errors: there is a gap between physicians’ attitudes and their real-world experiences admitting such errors.

12.  The highest rate of “Off-label” prescriptions accounts for Antidepressants, Anticonvulsants, and Antipsychotic medications.

13.  Seven medical myths even doctors believe.

14.  Majority of U.S. doctors believe religion is beneficial for patients’ health.

15.  Psychiatrists are the least religious of all doctors.

16.  However, psychiatrists are most interested in patients’ religion.

17.  The fine art of patient-doctor relationships.

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