Can you do something about psychiatric abuses?

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
    ~Mahatma Gandhi

As you read about psychiatric abuses, over-medication and other issues in this and other websites, you might wonder what you can do about it.  Below is a list which is by no means a complete list of what you can do.

– if you don’t like a prescription drug ad in a magazine, email the publisher or mail a letter and tell them what you think

– ask for a second opinion if you disagree with your doctor’s diagnosis and/or ask for more tests

– get ALL the information if you are given a prescription – find out what a drug’s side effects are and if there are alternatives

– as a parent, volunteer to help in class

– volunteer as a big brother or sister

– take a long walk before you decide anything

– start a blog

Say something.  Ask questions.  Knowledge will arm you with choices.

Posted by greymouser