Denver shooting – James Holmes

Understandably there is a lot of upset and concern about James Holmes murder spree in Denver recently.  And generally when people are upset they do not see things clearly.  And opinions abound.  Many people consider the common denominator in these types of things to be the guns.  Methinks the view is not broad enough.  If you look you can find plenty of violent episodes that occur without guns but as a result of the person being on pharmaceuticals.  By the medical fields own statistics it is known that there are many more deaths directly caused by medicine and Big Pharma that there are from guns.  It is hard to find this line of investigation taking place in the mainstream media.  They seem to prefer the controversy that guns create. 

The article in this link shows the irresponsibility of one psychiatrist who knowingly allowed a killer loose on society. 


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How do you deal with Depression?

At this time of year some people seem to get depressed.  For whatever reason.  I’m not looking for causes of depression here as much as something that can solve a lot of ‘mental’ issues including depression.  

It has been said more recently that the reason for life, the reason we are here, is to help.  There is a good test for this.  If you look back in your life you will find that any time that you helped some person or some group of people without asking or wanting something for that help, you felt better.  This makes for a perfect way to deal with depression.

There are numerous ways to do this – anything from from helping serve food to the poor to helping shovel someone’s sidewalk that is unable to themselves.  It could be as simple as going the extra few feet and shoveling your neighbor’s sidewalk when you are doing yours.  Personally, I find it more fulfilling to actually DO something than give money.  Rake leaves, mow a lawn, take the garbage out for someone that is having difficulty.  Offer to watch the kids for a single mom who needs to get some groceries.  

Take your kids out and make a family thing of it.  Teach them that helping is part of life.  Helping or doing something without needing to get something in return.  This will set them up for a life that is more likely to be without the need for drugs or counseling.  

The best thing to do when someone really wants to repay the favor or pay for the services is to ask them to pay it forward.  Tell them that what you want them to do is to go and do something for someone else.  

There is a great example of this.  A few days ago, some media outlets on the internet were carrying a story of a number of people paying off others layaway plans at K-Mart in the United States.  They would be in line and see that someone with a bunch of kids was making a payment for presents or something and they would pay it off for them.  Most of the people doing this did it anonymously.  One woman whose bill had been paid in this way decided to take some of the money that she saved in this way and pay it toward another person.  

Makes for a pretty decent Christmas for all.  And I’m pretty sure that the people that gave the money to help got the better end of the bargain.  As you start this activity you will find that no sensation or feeling comes anywhere close to that of helping people.

So, I challenge you, are you going to feel depressed and feel sorry for yourself this Christmas or are you going to deal with your depression for real.  Instead of buying a present and giving it to someone go and help someone that actually needs it.  You will both win.

Anonymous Donors Pay Off Kmart Layaway Accounts


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Marketing drugs to children

If you have thought about putting your child on any kind of pharmaceuticals to ‘control’ them at the advice of a teach or some school board then think again.  Read this article:

The hidden tyranny: children diagnosed and drugged for profit

Do you want your child active or a robot?  The above article shows how the pharmaceutical industry is more interested in marketing drugs to children that they are the actual welfare of the child or family.

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Informative ADHD/ADD seminar in Toronto, Canada

What is ADD/ADHD?

Medicating children – IS IT SAFE?  Join us at this FREE SEMINAR and find out the truth.

Are there alternatives to psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin?

When: Thursday, June 3 , 2010 – 7:00- 9:00 PM
Where: Mimico Library – Toronto Public Library, 47 Station Road, Toronto, Ontario Canada  M8V 2R1

Closest intersection: Lake Shore Blvd West and Royal York Rd.  Free parking.

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