There are so many websites and blogs out there going on about how safe Marijuana is, I figured I'd add a page or two on this website with some facts as I see them.  Pot smokers are really the last to see the effects that the drug is having on them.  To people around them that don't partake it is generally pretty obvious.

Read through the material on these pages and make your decision.  No matter your decision, please consider others if you do decide to take this drug.  If you drive, you are threatening others lives, not just your own.

  1. CBC Marketplace put out a very good video on an investigation they did in Colorado: CBC Marketplace

2. Let's define what a drug is:

3. You think you know why marijuana is being legalized.  Likely not.  It is really all about the money.  It has nothing to do with whether it is good for you or not.  Drugs in general have been the underlying thrust of many wars.  The Vietnam war was about gaining access to herion and marijuana.  The Brits in China so many years ago was more about the opium trade than anything else.  Afghanistan was about harvesting the poppy plant to capture the heroin trade.  this is a very long article but worth reading.  It is about the three billionaires that, using their oodles of money managed to get laws passed over and over to get marijuana acceptable and legal in the USA: Tracking the Money that is Legalizing Marijuana in the USA

Here is a quote from the article:
"Where’s the Money Coming From?

Americans seem to have been persuaded that cannabidiol (CBD), a marijuana component often called cannabis oil or Charlotte’s Web, cures intractable seizures in children stricken with epilepsy. Polls show 90 percent want medical marijuana legalized, especially for these children.

But listen to Michael D. Privitera, MD, president of the American Epilepsy Society and director of the epilepsy center at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute, in a letter he wrote to a Pennsylvania legislator:"

4. And if you think it is any different in Canada check this out: NBC Canada Follow The Money

In this video you can see the trail of politicians and police that have smoothed their own way to making millions in the marijuana industry.  One quote is that there is a possibility of upwards of 22 billion dollars that will be coming into various coffers in Canada from the production of Marijuana.